Guitar solos

Cello suite nu. 2 (original key)            Cello suite nu. 3 (in G)

Cello suite nu. 6 (original key)            Allegro (from suite in Eb)

Prelude (Ponce-Segovia version ) and Gigue (from the cello suite nu. 1)

Prélude in a m from suite nu. 2 for lute

Allemandes from the french suites (they all begin with an allemande!)

Sinfonia from canata BWV 29 (based on the prelude of the third partita for solo violin)

Aria from the third suite for orchestra

Partita nu. 1 for violon, courante and double (fingering avoiding open strings)   The same double, in C m (with the same fingering)

Sonata nu. 1 for solo violin transposed in a minor

Partita no. 3 for solo violin transposed in D major (easier to play)

The six preludes from the cello suites

Cello suite no. 4 in G major

                                                        Milonga carrieguera