Guitar solos

Cello suite nu. 2 (original key)            Cello suite nu. 3 (in G)

Cello suite nu. 6 (original key)            Allegro (from suite in Eb)

Prelude (Ponce-Segovia version ) and Gigue (from the cello suite nu. 1)

Prélude in a m from suite nu. 2 for lute

Sinfonia from cantata nu. 29, after  violon's partita no. 3 prelude

Partita nu. 1 for violon, courante and double (fingering avoiding open strings)   The same double, in C m (with the same fingering)

Sonata nu. 1 for solo violin transposed in a minor

Prelude from the french suite no. 4

      Carlos Gardel Por una cabeza

                                                        Milonga carrieguera